Welcome to my blog!


Hello, and welcome to my developer blog!

It may look quite empty for now, but I'll be using this to post anything that I find interesting along my journeys as a developer.

This blog is still in development, but since it's powered by GraphCMS, most of what I have to worry about is the design rather than the functionality and the code behind it. What's most interesting is that it's built completely statically; Nuxt.js (the web framework I'm using for this website) queries the GraphCMS API to find all available posts, and then crawls their URLs to build them as they're added. I can then just trigger a website build on Vercel through the GraphCMS dashboard.

Most of what I'll be posting here will likely relate to my adventures in full-stack and frontend web development, as that's what I've been focusing on the most lately. Don't be surprised to see an occasional JVM post, though!