Video Production

Adobe After Effects logo

Outside of programming, one of my biggest hobbies is video production, with a focus on editing and creating computer-generated designs. By extending my skills in abstract/modern graphic design to video, I can create intriguing effects and seamlessly mix them into existing footage.

Using these skills, I've been able to establish personal YouTube and Twitch channels that bring these skills to their fullest using industry-standard tools.

Here are some of the tools I'm familiar with for video creation:

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop logo

Tying into my experience with UI design, I'm also proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD for wireframe and mockup design. This allows me to efficiently produce high-quality application and website designs through planning.

In addition to mockups, I also use Photoshop and GIMP to produce graphical designs for my online content. One example of this is my logo located on the top of this page, which reflects my abstract online branding.

Here are some of the graphic design tools I use: