8 Years of JVM Experience

Java language logo

When I first started programming in 2013, the first (and only) language that I ever used was Java. I've always been fond of the JVM, and as such have transitioned to Kotlin for most of my projects.

While the JVM is an extremely versatile ecosystem, I primarily specialize in desktop software development. I'm very familiar with design and UX concepts on the desktop, which allows me to develop functional, attractive applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux without the design feeling "out-of-place."

Here are some of the Java and Kotlin frameworks I'm familiar with:

Dart & Flutter

Flutter framework logo

Despite my focus on the JVM, I've never been afraid of trying out new languages and frameworks. The latest framework I've been experimenting with is Flutter, a cross-platform framework based on Dart.

I don't have any Flutter projects to showcase at the moment, but the framework has been receiving a lot of my attention lately. Though I mostly focus on backend development, using a language focused on UI developers is quite a breath of fresh air.